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Over time, music will either be added or deleted. Keep checking for updates!  Use your Smart Phone to stream or download music to your device!

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Music made available FREE of charge. For Downloads click here or the (Original Music) link above.

Want more music or have a special request? Click here  If you are brave,  I have more music on soundcloud that is not like anything found on this page. If you would like the soundcloud.com link, write me and I will send the link to you.

Music composed and performed by: Mark Militano, Marko Militano (my son) and Paul Militano (my brother). If your into the House/Club scene, Google "Marko Militano" or go to Itunes for "Good People" and more music. https://soundcloud.com/markomilitano

If music is to be used for TV, Radio, Cable, Public Media, or Figure Skating, please be kind and inform Milimar of your intentions. The music on this site is free for your personal use and listening pleasure.