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    05 Desperate Love Vocal.mp3

    Desperate Love – A female vocal version of what Nancy Kerrigan skated to in the 1994 Olympics. Kerrigan, has never heard this version. If you would like to hear the complete non-vocal version contact me.
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    22 THEME031394.mp3

    In genre of a movie soundtrack, modern classical in nature, Melodic & Powerful.
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    23 BB24.mp3

    Original Music composed and performed by Mark Militano. BB24 is similar genre as THEME031394, you'll just have to listen.
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    24 THEMASTER.mp3

    Originally composed for Nancy Kerrigan. It was mixed along with another piece, "Paradise", aired in 1992 1993 and 1994 Olympics & Worlds. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoSRi9u5IYM
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    Pop - No Vocal - Electric - 052611
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    Psychotic Disorder – Vocal, written in 1975. It was originally rock genre. In 2008 my son, Marko Militano Jr., re-recorded it with a slow beat and turned it into an even greater hit. Google "Marko Militano".